Take you to see tulips & windmills ~ Rematec 2017,RAI Amsterdam

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  Netherlands, full name is the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located in a country in northwestern Europe, the total land area of 41,864 square kilometers, the brink of the North Sea, and Germany, Belgium border. It is known as the "European back garden", In the tulip bloom season, here is the most beautiful spring in Europe; Sangsien Windmill Village and the classic  river Dutch-style hut side by side, become the most iconic landscape.

  Compared to the natural beauty of Holland, it is worth mentioning that the auto engine and parts remanufacturing industry in Holland.The ReMaTec2017 exhibition will be held at RAI Amsterdam ReMaTec,Amsterdam,The Netherlands, from 18th to 20th June 2017.
  With an €82,9 billion estimated market size Remanufacturing is serious business!It’s an even larger exhibition where will bring together over 260 world's leading remanufacturing associated companies from all over the world with 3,600 visitors at RAI Amsterdam.ReMaTec exhibition has become the international manufacturing professionals and companies face and discuss industry development plan of the best business platform. Since the holding of the first ReMaTec, the two pillar industry association APRA (auto parts recyclers Association) and FIRM (International Engine recycling and re processing enterprises association) is respected and supported by a professional exhibition platform to further promote the remanufacturing industry development and popularization of ReMaTec manufacturing industry leading enterprises to become the exhibition event.
  China hanji power as the leading manufacturer of the industry, actively respond to the government: "11th Five-Year:" people-oriented,over all coordination and sustainable development of Scientific Outlook on Development, to conserve resources as a basic national policy, the development of circular economy, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society of great strategic task of the call, has always attached great importance to sustainable development and quality energy. Therefore, our company will be the first to participate in Holland manufacturing exhibition, diversity technology to take the opportunity to show our foreign customers of remanufactured products and advanced products, make full use of the two resources contain waste components in the manufacturing of new products, saving the required energy, water and raw materials, reducing the original resource the mining, and reduce cost, convenient maintenance. In this exhibition, we will show the valve assembly automatic production equipment and international well-known companies, selling old Parts and refurbished high pressure common rail products, as well as traditional Euro two, Euro three series products
  Grasp the demand, that is, grasp tomorrow. In the more sophisticated and professional attitude, the company will provide professional, efficient information solutions for the fuel injection industry, and contribute to the prosperity and development of the auto parts remanufacturing industry!
  From June 18-20, Rematec 2017 , booth number: 8.322, CHJ welcome to your arrival!

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