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Oil nozzle checkers
  NT-1 oil nozzle checkers are used primarily for checking various oil injectors and oil nozzles, concerning the start pressure of oil injectors (60Mpa maximum), the sealing performance of oil nozzles, spraying shapes, and sealing performance of oil injectors.
Our oil nozzle checkers are tested to comply with international standards ISO8984/1.
Oil nozzle checker Standard oil injectors
Standard oil ducts Oil injector components
Standard oil injectors
  Standard oil injectors are essential for injection pump test-beds and are used primarily for testing and adjusting diesel engine injection pumps. Test accuracy is vital for the oil feed performance of injection pumps and basically ties in with the operating power and economy of diesel engines.
Standard oil injector (orifice-plate type) Standard oil injector (low-inertia)
Standard oil injector (shaft needle type)  
Standard oil injectors are produced according to international standards ISO7440.
1. Standard oil injectors (low-inertia and orifice-plate type)
ISO7440B64-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 101),
ISO7440B64-25.0 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 102),
ISO7440B74-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 103),
ISO7440B74-25.0 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 104),
ISO7440B84-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 105),
ISO7440B84-25.0 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 106),
ISO7440B54-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 109),
ISO7440B54-25.0 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 110),
Used primarily for checking and adjusting injection pumps Type PW, PB, PN, PW2000, P7, P7100, BQ, IW, PL, PM
2. Standard oil injectors (orifice-plate type)
ISO07440A44-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 015),
ISO07440A54-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 016),
ISO07440A64-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 017),
ISO07440A74-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 018),
ISO07440A84-20.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 019),
ISO07440A64-17.2 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 020),
Used primarily for checking and adjusting injection pumps Type A, I, B, Z, VE, IW
3. Standard oil injectors (shaft needle type)
ISO7440A14-17.2 (BOSCH NO:0 681 343 009),
ISO7440A14-14.7 (BOSCH NO:1 688 901 000),
Used primarily for checking and adjusting injection pumps Type I, II, B, A
4. Standard oil nozzles (accessories)
Standard oil nozzles (shaft needle type) are use for oil injectors (shaft needle type). Our DN12SD12 standard oil nozzles are produced according to ISO4010 standards, applicable for the oil feeding capacity≤150mm? Cycle.
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